Capital H Core

Four Steps to Experience HRMS Excellence Like Never Before

Explore Capital H Core, the game-changer in HR management. Witness how our cutting-edge HRMS solution can empower your organization, streamline processes, and drive success.

What is Capital H Core ?

Capital H Core is your gateway to a future where HR management is streamlined, data-driven, and seamlessly aligned with your organization’s objectives. It serves as your compass for ensuring compliance while pursuing excellence and achieving unparalleled success.

Achieve excellence in your business and explore Capital H Core as your strategic ally, a flexible and dynamic tech solution that transforms the way you manage your workforce.

Employment Master Data

Effectively organize and manage comprehensive employee information, providing a strategic view for informed decision-making. From personal profiles to transactional data, our solution allows you to standardize processes and transactions, run employee self-services, and simplify compliance management.

Organizational Structure

Gain real-time workforce insights, create efficient organizational structures, enhance collaboration, and streamline communication with our organizational management feature. This powerful tool allows you to model and visualize your company’s structure, empowering you to make informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute workforce insights. Elevate collaboration, optimize communication, and ensure the efficient operation of your entire organization.

Salary Structure

Strategically design compensation frameworks that align with your business goals while prioritizing employee satisfaction. Our salary structure feature allows you to craft competitive compensation packages that motivate and retain top talent. Keep your employees engaged and satisfied while achieving your financial objectives.

Job Descriptions

Define roles and responsibilities coherently and support effective performance management and empower your employees with a solid foundation for understanding their roles and contributing to the organization’s goals.

Compensation Management

Reward talent effectively by implementing a compensation strategy that recognizes excellence and motivates growth. Tailor compensation packages to individual performance, ensuring your employees feel valued and inspired for optimal performance and increased loyalty.



Discover How Capital H Core Can Revolutionize Your HR Practices

Streamlined HR Operations

– Optimize HR operations with streamlined processes.

– Centralize human resources, profiles, and transactions for effcient management.
– Simplify organizational management with embedded analytics.

Efficient Time and Attendance Tracking

– Streamline time tracking and attendance with automated processes.

– Ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations effortlessly.

Global Benefits Management

– Manage global benefits effortlessly.

– Access an integrated HR knowledge base.

Enhanced HR Service Delivery

– Utilize HR ticketing and service analytics.

– Ensure Service-level agreement (SLA) compliance.

– Provide an intuitive digital workplace experience.

Intelligent Insights and Recommendations

– Deliver intelligent recommendations, insights, and actions.

– Offer cross-departmental guided experiences.

– Establish an employee communications channel.

Success Stories

Explore how organizations like yours have achieved remarkable results with Capital H Core.

Ready to Transform Your HR Management?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our frequently asked questions to find answers to common queries about our services, solutions, and how we can assist your business in its digital transfor- mation journey.

What is the difference between Capital H Core and other HRMS solutions?

Capital H Core stands out due to its seamless integration with existing systems, tailored customization, and a dedicated support team. It combines smart technology with HR best practices, offering streamlined operations, accurate data management, and cost-effective solutions.

How can Capital H Core streamline our HR processes?

Capital H Core streamlines HR processes by automating manual tasks, reducing administrative workload, and providing real-time data access. This efficiency allows your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement.

What measures does Capital H Core take to ensure data security?

Capital H Core prioritizes data security through automated processes. It ensures compliance with labor laws, tax regulations, and data protection requirements, reducing compliance risks. Additionally, it offers secure data storage and access controls.

Can Capital H Core integrate with our existing systems?

Yes, Capital H Core seamlessly integrates with existing systems, including SAP ERP. Our expert team will guide you through the integration process to ensure a smooth transition and data consolidation.

How does the implementation process work?

Our dedicated support team will work closely with your organization during the implementation process. We’ll tailor Capital H Core to match your unique HR processes and requirements, ensuring a successful launch.

Is Capital H Core suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Capital H Core is designed to benefit businesses of all sizes. Its scalability and customization options make it adaptable to the needs of small, medium, and large organizations.

What kind of support can we expect from Chip during and after implementation?

Chip provides comprehensive support throughout the implementation process and beyond. Our support team is committed to ensuring your organization’s success with Capital H Core, offering guidance, troubleshooting, and continuous improvement assistance. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

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