About the Client

Egyptian Food Bank is a non-profit organization specialized in fighting hunger through diversity and innovation. Founded in 2006 by a group of businessmen with the aim of serving the society and helping those in need by specializing in Hunger under the name of Egyptian Food Bank that would be converted to a national project that serves all governorates in Egypt with a mission centered around securing healthy nutritious food to alleviate the suffering caused by hunger.


To achieve the top management ambition and enable the organization with the ability to expand and fighting hunger across all country, EFB management decided to empower their operation with a technology business solution that can help them not only extending their services country wide,

But also expanding their donators and volunteers’ network with maintain a cost-efficient business model by adapting the right technology solutions. The technology solutions should increase their employee productivity and improve controls and reporting as well as help them to comply with the financial rules as non profit organization, in addition to ease of use and maintaining the cost-efficient model.

Achieved Client Ambition
and Exceeded Expectation

We were able to help our clients via understanding their vision and business requirements as well as detailed analysis for their model and target operation model they are willing to achieve. We offered to them a technology solution that they need and can help them to achieve their vison with cost efficient and sustainability and scalability they need. We empowered our solution with ease to use portal and SAP B1 ERP (SUPER FLEX IMPLEMENTATION PACKAGE) that customized to serve their needs in adaption to integration with other systems. The outcomes range highlighting the positive impact of technology on the organization’s mission to fight hunger.

Our Solution Success KPIs

Improved Customer Experience

Our Solution, SAP B1 ERP (SUPER FLEX IMPLEMENTATION PACKAGE), helped to streamline the Egyptian Food Bank’s interactions with beneficiaries, charities, and donors. Through enhanced transparency and efficiency, the organization improved the overall experience. Beneficiaries now receive donations more promptly, charities can better coordinate efforts, and donors gain a clearer understanding of the impact of their contributions.

Improved Employee Experience

Our Solution, SAP B1 ERP (SUPER FLEX IMPLEMENTATION PACKAGE), transformed the daily workflows for employees at the Egyptian Food Bank. By automating repetitive tasks and optimizing processes, employees experienced reduced workloads and increased job satisfaction. This contributed to a more positive work environment and empowered staff to focus on strategic and impactful aspects of their roles.

Increased Profits & Reduced Costs

Our Solution, SAP B1 ERP (SUPER FLEX IMPLEMENTATION PACKAGE), not only brought efficiency but also contributed to the financial health of the organization. By optimizing operations, the Egyptian Food Bank witnessed increased profits through more effective resource utilization. Simultaneously, costs were reduced as manual errors and inefficiencies diminished, leading to better financial sustainability.

Minimized Business Risks and Compliance Risk

The automated system significantly mitigated business risks associated with operational inefficiencies. By centralizing and automating processes, the organization reduced the likelihood of errors and potential financial risks. Moreover, the system enhanced compliance by ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements, thereby safeguarding the Egyptian Food Bank’s reputation and sustainability.

Increased Productivity & Efficiency

Our Solution, SAP B1 ERP (SUPER FLEX IMPLEMENTATION PACKAGE), resulted in a marked increase in overall productivity and efficiency. With streamlined processes and real time data access, tasks were completed more rapidly and accurately. This not only improved the speed of donations delivery to beneficiaries but also allowed the organization to operate more efficiently, accomplishing more with the same or fewer resources.

Our Team

The success of this transformative initiative was made possible by the dedicated and skilled professionals’ team we have. Each team member played a crucial role in conceptualizing, implementing, and optimizing SAP B1 ERP (SUPER FLEX IMPLEMENTATION PACKAGE) solution for the Egyptian Food Bank.


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