About the Client

InterCairo is an Egyptian Shareholding company (S.A.E) under the investment Law with a capital of 200 million Egyptian pounds. It was established in 2001 and started production in 2004. InterCairo works in the field of manufacturing Aluminum profiles and producing Aluminum alloys needed in many industries. Now INTERCAIRO is one of the most remarkable industrial enterprises in Egypt with its 11 state-of-the-art pistons in 6 of October city, industry region.


As InterCairo one of the market player in their industry, they were looking to maximize the capitalization on their assets and increase the productivity and efficiency of their production line to accommodate their existing business orders as well as improving their customer experience and attract new customer to increase their market share.

In addition to minimizing production waste, improving their financial reporting and work efficiency. Those were core objectives and the clients’ needs.

Achieved Client Ambition
and Exceeded Expectation

In response to these challenges, CHIP provided comprehensive SAP B1 ERP solution and implemented advanced production models to systemize InterCairo’s operations. This initiative aimed to facilitate digitalization in finance and operations, creating a more streamlined and responsive business framework.

Our Solution Success KPIs

Improved Customer Experience

The implementation of SAP B1 ERP solution led to enhanced customer interactions and satisfaction through streamlined processes and improved service delivery.

Improved Employee Experience

Employees experienced improved workflows, reduced manual tasks, and increased job satisfaction due to the digitalization of operational processes.

Increased Profits & Reduced Costs

The optimized operational processes contributed to increased profits through effective resource utilization, while costs were reduced through the elimination of inefficiencies.

Minimized Business Risks and Compliance Risk

Systemizing reporting processes minimized business and compliance risks, ensuring adherence to regulations and safeguarding the company’s reputation.

Increased Productivity & Efficiency

Digitalization and streamlined operations resulted in increased overall productivity and efficiency, enabling the company to achieve more with existing resources.

Enabled Specific Digitalization

Tailored digital solutions addressed specific challenges, providing targeted digitalization in areas critical to InterCairo’s success.

Increased Organizational Agility

The transformation improved the company’s ability to adapt to market changes swiftly, fostering increased organizational agility.


Our team played a pivotal role in addressing operational inefficiencies and steering the company towards resilience. Guided by visionary project leaders and technical experts, we seamlessly integrated cutting-edge solutions, cultivating a robust digital transformation. The synergy within this agile and collaborative team significantly contributed to InterCairo’s transformative journey, marking a distinct chapter of innovation and progress.