Capital H Payroll

Four Steps to Handle All Payments for Your Employees

Manage your payroll management with Capital H Payroll and simplify payroll processes, ensuring accurate and timely payments to your employees.

What is Capital H Payroll ?

Capital H Payroll redefines your payroll management, offering a streamlined and efficient way to handle all payments for your employees. Through automation, it accelerates payment processing, minimizes errors, and simplifies payroll management.

Improve your HR and payroll administration with Capital H Payroll’s extensive feature set created to strengthen your business.

Payroll Data Accuracy

Experience the ultimate in payroll accuracy with Capital H Payroll. Our automated payroll processing ensures precise calculations, and with real-time insights and proactive alerts, you’ll have actionable advice at your fingertips.

Employee Empowerment

Give your staff the ability to manage their own payroll data with ease using self-service functionality made available through an easy-to-use mobile app, which will result in a productive, more engaged workforce.

Streamlined Global Payroll Management

Discover the power of unified global payroll management with Capital H Payroll, a solution that optimizes HR operations and guarantees consistent payroll processes across various industries and organizations, resulting in reduced operational expenses.

Seamless Integrations

Integration is key to efficient HR operations. Capital H Payroll seamlessly integrates with SAP ERP and other systems, reducing operational risks and costs.

Data Security Assurance

We understand the importance of data security in payroll processing. Capital H Payroll provides robust security measures to protect confidential information and ensure business process compliance with regulatory requirements.

Employee-Centric Experience

Simplify payroll processing and improve the overall employee experience. With innovative functionality, like retroactive payments handling and reduced processing time, Capital H Payroll lets your payroll team focus on strategic work while meeting employee expectations.



Capital H Payroll Is Your Gateway to a Flexible Payroll Experience

Experience a comprehensive HR solution that simplifies payroll, enhances employee empowerment, ensures data security, and delivers innovative features.

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Versatile deployment choices cater to your organization’s evolving needs.
  • Adapt seamlessly between in-house, outsourced, or hybrid payroll approaches.
  • Avoid being tied to specific technologies or services, ensuring a smooth transition as your strategy changes.

Comprehensive Global Payroll Solution

  • Experience integrated HR and payroll solutions.
  • Integrate Capital H Core.
  • Utilizing a unified platform, improve HR process accuracy and efficiency.

Continuous Payroll Innovation

  • Revolutionize your payroll management.
  • Real-time exception monitoring empowers proactive issue resolution.
  • Context-rich details simplify problem-solving, while collaborative tools enhance teamwork.
  • An audit log provides historical context for added peace of mind.

Risk Reduction and Localization

  • Stay compliant and reduce risks across global operations with Capital H Payroll.
  • Support localization requirements, global calendars, and simplification strategies.
  • Receive timely updates on compliance changes.
  • Ensure accurate and timely payments in over 47 countries with our ready-to-use software.

Scalable Cost Efficiency

  • Benefit from the cost-efficiency and scalability of Capital H Payroll.
  • Combine the configurability of in-house processing with the efficiency of cloud computing.
  • Adapt effortlessly as your business grows, all while enjoying continuous innovation.

Employee-Centric Self-Service

  • Meet the expectations of tech-savvy employees, especially in remote work scenarios.
  • Self-service functionality empowers your workforce to manage their data.
  • Reduce HR operational challenges and enhance adoption with intuitive features accessible to everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our frequently asked questions to find answers to common queries about our services, solutions, and how we can assist your business in its digital transformation journey.

How can Capital H Payroll simplify my payroll operations?

Capital H Core stands out due to its seamless integration with existing systems, tailored customization, and a dedicated support team. It combines smart technology with HR best practices, offering stream- lined operations, accurate data management, and cost-effective solutions.

What deployment options does Capital H Payroll offer?

To meet your needs, Capital H Payroll provides flexible deployment options. Experience adaptability so you can change without having to overhaul your technology completely.

How does Capital H Payroll ensure compliance with local regulations?

We prioritize compliance with local regulations. With regular updates from a team of experts, Capital H Payroll provides embedded payroll tax localization functionality. This ensures that your payroll processes remain compliant and up-to-date.

What are the key benefits of continuous payroll processing?

Continuous payroll processing, a feature of Capital H Payroll, enhances quality, reduces processing time, and minimizes payroll stress. Monitoring exceptions in real-time empowers administrators to address issues before payday, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

How does Capital H Payroll support employee self-service and remote work?

We support employee self-service with an intuitive mobile app, enabling your workforce to manage their payroll information conveniently. This feature is particularly valuable in the era of remote work, empowering employees to take control of their data and reducing HR operational challenges.

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